How to See FC Barcelona players?

If you are coming to Barcelona and you are a huge FC Barcelona fan I am sure you would like to see your favourite FC Barcelona players.

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You can try it on your own but is really complicated. They change the schedules every week in order to adapt to the different competitions they play. Other times, most of the players are with their national teams and it’s not worthy to try to visit them.

If you want to see the FC Barcelona players by your own here we explain how you can see them:

How can you meet FC Barcelona players in Barcelona?


1- Buy a ticket a go to see them playing at the Camp Nou

Ok, that’s obvious but we only want to let you know that the best and cheapest way to buy your tickets is to buy it’s through FC Barcelona website

Camp Nou: FC Barcelona Stadium

2- See them at the training grounds

FC Barcelona’s training grounds, Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, is located outside Barcelona city in a town called Sant Joan d’Espí. You can easily reach there by public transport, the Tram is the best way, and it will take you about an hour from Barcelona city centre. If you want to go by taxi it will take you about 30 minutes.

Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper: FC Barcelona training grounds

The training sessions are not open to the public so you can only see the players going in or going out of they training session. You can make pictures of them and if there is no much people they also stopped to sign autographs.

Xavi: FC Barcelona player

But as we said before is not that easy. The training sessions schedule changes every week in order to adapt to the competition calendar. And there is another big issue. There are two doors  they can use to enter or exit from the stadium depending on how many people are waiting to see them.

3- See them training at the Camp Nou

The days that FC Barcelona has a game at home they train in the morning at the stadium. Usually this training session is at 11.00 am

FC Barcelona: training at the Camp Nou

It is also no allowed to the public to see the training session but you can see the Barça players entering at the stadium with they cars.

4- See them at the team hotel

That could be an easy option if you are in Barcelona the day that they play at home. But it isn´t because they change the team hotel every game.

FC Barcelona players at team hotel